We’re not dead!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaand!!!! we’re back to action again with a new chapter of Loki for everyone!!

We’re re-organized, so the downloading should be easier now. Just go to the project page and you’ll find all the links. ^^

We have a new character here… But who is she…?


The Witch Arc comes to a climax!!!


This week was super busy for everyone,  Finals are the worst enemy of Scanlations, but we finally are available again and ready to deliver the next chapter of Loki and maybe even more nice stuff soon!!  Very soon!

Enjoy chapter 4 of Loki in the downloads page and don’t forget to comment.

We finally get to see to the real witch face to face and she is… !!!

Welcome to the Site!


Welcome to Kamigami Scans. This would be our first official entry. We were kinda nervous, well; I was, because this would be our first entry and our first contact as an actual scanlation group.  We did have releases but that was only in Hemuloki and we enjoyed our low profile.

But I think is the time for us to spread the love for Loki and Co.

Before starting, please remember to read our FAQ and enjoy our releases! The first three chapters or the third season of Loki are already available for downloading and we’re in process of delivering the 4th one.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow this blog in order to receive notifications of new releases by email.